LME Warehousing

At S. H. Bell, we are approved to warehouse commodities traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME). The location currently approved for this service is our Patapsco Ave. Terminal in Baltimore, MD.

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Metal Baltimore
Copper $0.54/MT/day
NASAAC $0.57/MT/day
Nickel $0.59/MT/day
Primary Aluminum $0.57/MT/day
Zinc $0.55/MT/day
Tin $0.56/MT/day

Maximum FOT rate for the same period is $45.00/MT in Baltimore.

Rates are effective 1 April 2022 through 31 March 2023.

    • Baltimore:
      Additional delivery out charges above FOT

      • Free on Rail: $7.50/MT excluding blocking and bracing.
      • Free Alongside: N/A, please call for rates to nearest deep water discharge.
      • Free in Container: $7.50/MT excluding blocking and bracing. Please note – cost of transportation of such container to and from the facility is for the account of the metal owner. Please call for current drayage rates.
      • Metal Re-Warranting: $5.00/MT
      • Slot Scheduling: N/A

All rates subject to Bell’s general rules and conditions.

Procedure for Scheduling Deliveries Out
Required Documentation:

  • LME broker’s warrant cancellation notice (48 hour notice required)
  • Customer’s shipment release (24 hour notice required)
    • Carrier information
    • Consignee information
    • Consignee order number(s)
    • Volume of shipments(s)
    • Applicable lot information
  • Carrier’s pickup number(s) will be assigned upon receiving the first two (2) items & shipment schedule.

Shipping hours:

  • Baltimore: 8:00am to 4:00pm (Eastern Time)