S. H. Bell Services

S. H. Bell Co.’s business is providing handling, storage, processing, packaging and record keeping services to a customer base comprised of producers, traders, and consumers of metals, minerals and semi-finished industrial materials.Scroll below or click our quick list (at right) to review all the services we offer.


Our terminals have the capability to handle bulk and packaged products such as:

  • Ferro Alloys
  • Frac Sand, Proppants
  • Pig Iron
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Silicon Metal
  • Fluorspar
  • Magnesite
  • Primary Metals (zinc, aluminum, lead, tin, copper and nickel)
  • Specialty Alloys
  • Refractory products
  • Scrap Metal
  • Minerals
  • Steel (pipe, billets, bars, coils, slabs)
  • Fertilizer
  • Limestone
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Our terminals have the capability to receive and ship via the following modes of transportation:

River Barge:

Unloading and reloading of barges of bulk and packaged products by our river docks equipped with cranes and hydraulic backhoes.

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Unloading and reloading of bulk products from dump trucks and containers and packaged products from flatbeds, vantrucks and containers.

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Unloading and reloading of bulk and packaged products from hopper-cars, boxcars, gondolas and flatcars.

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Our terminals consist of outdoor and indoor storage with covered buildings and extensive asphalt and concrete pads for storage of bulk and packaged products.

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At S. H. Bell we offer several processing options at select terminals:

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Material drying systems capable of drying materials in accordance with customer moisture requirements.

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Screen systems and screen boxes capable of screening materials in accordance with most customer sizing requirements.

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Jaw crushing systems capable of crushing materials in accordance with most customer size requirements.

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Capabilities available for lot and product size combination.

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Our terminals offer a variety of repackaging options for bulk and packaged products at select terminals:

  • Dumping of all packaging types
  • Filling of:
    • Supersacks
    • Drums
    • Pallet Boxes
    • Small Bags & Cans
    • Steel Boxes
  • Palletizing
  • Stretchwrapping & Shrinkwrapping
  • Banding
  • Installation of plastic liners & cardboard slips
  • Color coding
  • Adding of moisture absorbing packs
  • Preparing and shipping of samples
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At S. H. Bell we are not limited to the above list of packaging options, so please contact the specific terminal to inquire if we can accommodate your repackaging needs.

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Record Keeping

At S. H. Bell, we keep detailed reports of our customer’s daily transactions and up-to-date inventory supply. Each terminal has a dedicated staff available to answer questions and access any needed reports.
For more information on the record keeping procedures and reports we have available, please contact the specific terminal.

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LME Warehousing

At S. H. Bell, we are approved to warehouse commodities traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME). The location currently approved for this service is our Patapsco Ave. Terminal in Baltimore, MD.

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