Opened in 1991, Newell Terminal is S. H. Bell Company’s third warehouse facility. The terminal operates as a storage, transfer and warehousing facility for packaged products.

The site is located along state Route 2 in Newell, WV. Newell’s Truck Entrance is located at 1000 Kenilworth Ave. Newell, WV 26050. The facility consists of three approximately 65,000-square-foot high-security storage buildings.

The daily operations of the terminal are managed by:

Terminal Manager – Brian Pease
Assistant Terminal Manager – Mark Beatty

S. H. Bell Company Newell Facility
180 Quaker State Road
Newell, WV 26050

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S. H. Bell Company Newell Truck Entrance
1000 Kenilworth Ave.
Newell, WV 26050

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Phone: 1-412-963-2489

For rate information contact the Sales Department at the Pittsburgh Administrative office:

Sales Administration Specialist – Dana Spillar
Senior Account Manager – Stacy Seltzer
Executive Vice President & COO – Adam Bell

Phone: 1-412-963-9910

Material Handling

Newell’s covered storage buildings can handle products such as:

  • Specialty Alloys
  • Nickel
  • Ferro Alloys
  • Refractory products
  • Minerals products
  • Specialty Scrap
  • Carbon products

Shipping and Receiving

Shipping and receiving of materials are accomplished using eight van/container docks with flatbed-handling capability.


Our Newell Terminal offers a comprehensive range of services for handling bulk materials, including both packaging and depackaging operations, as well as the ability to accommodate various types of packages and shipment methods.

Depackaging: This involves removing materials from their original packaging, which might be necessary for various reasons such as quality control, repackaging, transport, or further processing.

Repackaging to Supersacks, Pallet Boxes, Drums, Pails, Small Cans, or Small Bags: Depending on the specific requirements of customers or the supply chain, materials may need to be repackaged into different types of containers or packaging formats. This could include supersacks (large bags typically used for bulk materials), pallet boxes (large containers designed to fit on pallets), drums, pails, cans, or smaller bags.


From the North:

  • Take U.S. Route 30 to Route 2 South.
  • Go approximately four miles to Quaker State Road.
  • Turn right and follow signs to Scale Gate Number 4.

From the South:

  • Take U.S. Route 22 to Route 2 North.
  • Go approximately 16 miles to Quaker State Road.
  • Turn left and follow signs to Scale Gate Number 4.