Newell Terminal

Opened in 1991, Newell Terminal is S. H. Bell Co.’s third warehouse facility. The terminal operates as a storage, transfer and warehousing facility for packaged products.

The site is located along state Route 2 in Newell, WV. Newell’s Truck Entrance is located at 1000 Kenilworth Ave., Latitude 40º 36’ 48.33” N, Longitude 80º 37’ 31.23” W. The facility consists of three approximately 65,000-square-foot high-security storage buildings.

Material Handling
Newell’s covered storage buildings can handle products such as:

  • Specialty Alloys
  • Nickel
  • Ferro Alloys
  • Refractory products
  • Minerals products
  • Specialty Scrap
  • Carbon products

Receiving and Shipping
Receiving and shipping of materials are accomplished using eight van/container docks with flatbed-handling capability.

Newell has the ability to repackage a variety of products.

The daily operations of the terminal are managed by:

Terminal Manager – Mark Pease

Operations Manager – Brian Pease

S. H. Bell Company Newell Facility
180 Quaker State Road
Newell, WV 26050

S. H. Bell Company Newell Truck Entrance
1000 Kenilworth Ave.
Newell, WV 26050

Phone: 1-412-963-2489
Fax: 1-412-963-5159
Shipment Information:

For rate information contact the Sales Department at the Pittsburgh Administrative office:
Jill Tillman – Manager Sales Administration
Stacy Seltzer – Pittsburgh-Based Account Manager
Adam Bell – Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Phone: 1-412-963-9910
Fax: 1-412-963-1206